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Nemx Messenger for Microsoft Exchange Software Utilities Nemx Software Corp.
The Messenger series of products for MS Mail and Exchange (a.k.a. Windows Messaging and Outlook) provides individuals with mail and news services commonly found within the Internet or corporate network through the familiar graphical interface of Microsoft's Mail clients ( MSMail and Exchange). All user interaction to these network facilities are performed within the mail client in the same fashion that local mail is processed. In other words sending and receiving mail or news to the network is identical to sending and receiving a message locally. No special encoding of recipient names is required and all received mail is properly tagged for easy replying. Attachments may be added for mail forwarded to the network and any attachments received from the network are contained within the body of the received message as an icon.

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ThunderBYTE Anti-Virus for MS Exchange Virus Protection Nemx Software Corp.
ThunderBYTE Anti-Virus for MS Exchange provides a transparent virus protection envelope around Microsoft’s Exchange Mail client. All mail received via Exchange is scanned for file attachments and then further scanned for the presence of possible viruses, included Word Macro viruses. ThunderBYTE Anti-Virus for Exchange also prevents you from inadvertently sending a file attachment containing a virus.

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Nemx Power Tools for MS Exchange Server Monitoring Nemx Software Corp.
Signature Maker can add blocks of text to the beginning and/or end of all messages originating from a particular user or group of users. Defaults may be setup on a server basis, with overrides available on a per recipient basis. Signatures can be defined with property variables which are then subsituted with the user's specific properties (ie Name, phone, etc). This is ideal for company wide disclaimer statements, or consistent "look and feel" signatures for users, or departments of users.

Nemx Power Tools for MS Exchange Server is a straight forward add-in to Exchange Server and is designed to operate with Exchange's native facilities, services and connectors. No proxy server/gateway is required.