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Smartphone Voice mail NOVAVOX AG
Smartphone Unified Messaging along with Microsoft's Exchange Server your company is able to bringing together all types of media (phone, fax and email) the way everybody can handle them via his personal Microsoft Outlook or Exchange client or access them via phone from his desk or from outside the company. All the messages will be displayed in the inbox of the Microsoft Outlook or Exchange client. This means that faxes and voicemails will be displayed along with the emails in the same inbox. All of these media can be mixed together like, faxing an email to an address or adding a voicemail to an email and forward it to another email client etc. The same freedom is offered to the user from outside the company. The owner of a Unified Messaging box can call in and check his mails. They either will be played (voicemails, emails via text to speech technology) or can be forwarded (emails, voicemails and faxmails) to the desired destination. Smartphone Unified Messaging is a plug & play package to be installed together with a Microsoft Exchange server, delivered with an easy administration interface.

NOVAVOX AG is a developer of Unified Messaging and other Windows-based Computer Telephony (CT) business solutions. The SmartphoneŽ product family by NOVAVOX is state-of-the-art, but designed to be simple to use and install