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Outlook NameDays 1.0 Free tools Peter Kalmström, NCP AB
Adds name days to your calendar. Many countries celebrate name days as much as birthdays. Names are available from the following countries:
A free utility that works with all versions of MS Outlook. With Outlook 98 or later it is also possible to choose which calendar folder to use.

Product Category Company
Outlook Responder Free tools Peter Kalmström, NCP AB
An extremely light-weight solution that consists of one HTML page with a lot of script that adds a semi-automatic responder to any folder (private or public). Uses HTML-based templates and can set sender and save sent messages to the appropriate Sent Items folder (not the sender's folder)
Background I get a whole lot of email since I began publishing my website more actively. I also receive feedback from all the forms on my website. I could of course set up an automatic responder, but I don't like the concept of mail being sent from me without my interaction. Also, I often have the need to make changes to the outgoing mail, adding a comment or deleting something that is not applicable.
Furthermore, I wanted the application to be right there in my inbox and I didn't want another Add-in installed.
The answer, for me, was the web-based semi-automatic Outlook Responder. It adds a few new buttons to any Outlook folder (public or private). These buttons let me reply to the currently selected mail with a specific, html-mail template.
Sends HTML mail
Sets the proper sending address to outgoing mail based on template
Files the outgoing mail into the appropriate folder (not in senders Sent Items)
Moves messages that have been replied to a specified folder
No client installation at all. The exe-file containing the html-file should reside on a file-server.
The entire solution consists of one single exe-file!!!
Attaches files to outgoing messages
Requests read receipts
Handles multiple emails so it can be used to do personal "mass-mailings" An organizational license is only 20$ and the source code can be purchased for 50$