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Attachment Executive Outlook MADSolutions
Attachment Executive consists of three parts. Attachment Wizard, based on Microsoft's Rules Wizard, handles attachments based on conditions. Conditions such as from, to, words in subject, words in message body, attachment type, attachment name and a few others make the Attachment Wizard a must have for every Outlook user. Having attachments replaced with hyperlinks greatly increases the user's ability to access their attachments while working in and out of their Outlook client. Corporations can take advantage by setting forced rules for users.

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Message Executive Outlook MADSolutions
Message Executive consists of three parts. A Message Wizard used to help scan mailboxes, create folders and organize messages quickly and effortlessly. Message Clerk helps ensure that message associations are ongoing. This continuing process assists in eliminating the hassle of organizing messages at a later date. In addition to these powerful utilities, Message Manager, an enhanced version of HouseKeeper previously found in CleanMail is now part of Message Executive. With added features, Message Manager is more robust and easier to use.

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Directory Assistant Software Utilities MADSolutions
Directory Assistant is an Exchange utility that allows users to modify directory information. To facilitate ease of setup, the existing "mailbox template" is used for customizing Directory Assistant. Directory Assistant can be also configured differently for specific groups of users. Directory Assistant is comprised of two key elements: a client component, which enables individuals to update their directory information, and a service component, which routes the changes to authorizers and updates the directory on approval. (Pricing-per client)

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D.L. Manager Software Utilities MADSolutions
D. L. Manager is a very powerful distribution list manager. Using your Exchange details template, any field can be used to determine membership to a given list. This list can then be automatically updated based on a schedule you set. In addition to the automatic updating, static membership can be added to distribution lists to ensure users that do not meet the normal updating criteria, remain on the list. (for example: another distribution list)