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MELIA for Exchange Software Utilities IntelliReach Corp.
Microsoft Exchange Log Import Agent:
Finally thereís an easy way for Exchange Administrators to utilize Exchange Message Tracking Log data. Introducing Melia, an intelligent agent that transfers Tracking Log Data into backend databases. Melia parses the Tracking Log and appends it to a Microsoft Access (MDB) file. Melia can be easily scheduled to run periodically so that you always have up-to-date information.

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Content Auditor for Exchange Monitoring IntelliReach Corp.
Content Auditor for Exchange enables you to easily scan both internal and Internet email. Matched messages are allowed to pass, but are copied to any address for review. You can also search through any or all Inboxes for messages that match content you specify. Matched messages can be deleted (without user knowledge) or copied for review. Content Auditor doesnít install into or on your Exchange servers, so itís 100% safe and can be set up and running in minutes!

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Content Inspector for Exchange Monitoring IntelliReach Corp.
Content Inspector for Exchange is a powerful and effective content policy product that gives an organization complete control over email in all usersí mailboxes. Content Inspector by IntelliReach gives you the power to scan the entire Exchange Information Store for content, search for up to 200 word or phase matches simultaneously, and delete, copy for review, and strip off attachments (or any combination) of matched messages.

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Melia for Exchange Monitoring IntelliReach Corp.
Detailed Usage and Historical Reporting for Exchange.
Melia for Exchange empowers you to report on distribution lists and user-level data, and run detailed reports on internal and external mail. With Melia, your organization can guarantee an effective messaging service, minimize storage needs, and know how email is really being used.

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ExRay for Exchange Monitoring IntelliReach Corp.
ExRay for Exchange lets you monitor and manage Exchange 2000 Server and Exchange Server 5.5 messaging systems. ExRay lets you generate and view current and historical usage reports, limit system abuse, and monitor the health of all Exchange servers throughout your organization. ExRay also continuously monitors the performance of connections between your email servers and internal and external message-traffic routes. The product will call your cell phone or send a page if it detects a problem in delivery times.