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Mercury Mail Merge Outlook HiWay Computing Limited
Mercury is an add-in application for Microsoft Outlook or Exchange. Mercury allows you to easily generate personalised or 1 2 1 (one to one) messages to your prospects, clients, friends, suppliers or associates. Using Outlook Categories on Outlook Contacts you can create a template mail message with information personalised down to the paragraph level. You can write one message and quickly select which contacts to send it to and personalise it to them with specifics that relate to them.
You can use Mercury for relationship or direct marketing and Outlook becomes your CRM system. Mercury merges contacts whose categories match your message template options, and sends the message via email, fax, printed letter (MS Word) or XML depending on the settings and available addressing on each contact. You just write one message and send it to everybody. Mercury automates Outlook to ensure the right message information gets to the right person (by name) without worrying how they want to or can get the message.
Mercury has an Outlook like interface so you don't have to learn how to drive a new application. A scheduler can run messages automatically, use it to automate responses from a website using inbox rules to categorise incoming messages and Mercury will personalise the replies. We sell extra options for Mercury that will create contacts from past or incoming mail messages and any cc'd mail lists you may have received. There is a tool to manage outlook/exchange categories across a wide area network and distribute the list of categories to all members in your team.
Cost is$49.95 USD* for the Commercial Version. Mercury is available in different versions by way of licence and fees payment for an access code.