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Pabtool for Outlook Outlook GuerrillaSoft
Just because you've switched email systems doesn't mean you have to retype all your addresses. Check out PABTool, a highly useful, easy-to-use utility that translates personal address book data between MAPI, Exchange, Outlook, Netscape, and Palm Pilot formats. It includes long-filename support and tight integration with the Windows 95 shell, MS Exchange, Netscape, and the Palm Pilot Desktop. Besides importing and exporting to and from Netscape and Palm Pilot, you can select the standard tab-delimited format, which can be used by nearly any database program. However, Exchange or any MAPI mail client (such as Outlook) must be installed because PABTool requires the MAPI interface to access your address book during imports and exports. If you're forced to use a new email client, PABTool will be a real time-saver.