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YGM Page Pager Gateways Forest View Computing
YGM Page is exactly what it says: "You Got Mail Page". This program will page you when you receive new mail in your inbox. It doesn't page you the message, but it lets you know how many unread messages are in you Inbox. This program will work on Windows 95 with a MAPI compatible e-mail program. Page

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SmartForward 96 Fax Connectors Forest View Computing
A standalone MAPI program for Microsoft Exchange to forward faxes from a fax dedicated computer to their intended recipients. This program is ideal for a business that has an Exchange computer set up to receive faxes. The program will release having to have someone check the computer for faxes and then forward them. This program works best when a fax was sent to your system by someone using Exchange. The program reads the To: field of the message and forwards it to the recipient. If the fax comes from a general fax machine it will be forwarded to a pre-designated person. Page