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Using voice modem technology, MailFlow Phone Access allows you to listen to your E-mail messages anywhere in the world. Whether you're in an airplane on the way to Tokyo or in a restaurant on the other side of town, MailFlow Phone Access provides easy access to all your text based E-mail messages with the simple use of a touch tone or cellular telephone. If you would like a hard copy of an important message or would you like to forward your E-mail message to someboy else, simply select the Fax feature. Supply and confirm a fax telephone number and receive the fax at the conclusion of your call. Based on significant text to voice research, MailFlow Phone Access provides high quality, real-time conversion of text based messages into speech. MailFlow Phone Access works with Microsoft Exchange to retrieve your E-mail by dialing into your office telephone network, or by instructing your computer to dial into your E-mail service provider.