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Exchange Rationalization Software Software Utilities Educom Training Systems
EDUCOM Training Systems' Exchange Rationalization Software (ERS) is an email-management tool that reduces the redundancy that occurs after you migrate from a Microsoft Mail or Lotus Notes system to a Microsoft Exchange Server system. ERS eliminates duplicate emails and recovers at least 50 percent of used disk space, which provides your system with a significant increase in storage space.

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Exchange Archive Solution© (EAS©) Backup Educom Training Systems
Exchange Archive Solution© (EAS©) will assist organizations to manage a major corporate asset, balance and contain the growth of e-mail on their production mail servers. With EAS© the organization is able to implement retention and disposition policies for mail messages and associated attachments. EAS'© HMS capability transparently migrates messages from on-line to near-line and then to off-line storage. The end user is then able to find, view, and recover archived messages through the Microsoft ExchangeTM interface.
For geographically dispersed organizations with multiple mail stores, utilizing EAS© provides a significant reduction on storage demands. As the various mail stores are archived, EAS© eliminates redundancy and compresses the files on the central repository. Since EAS© utilizes TCP/IP, the central repository is able to support the archives from all corporate Microsoft Exchange™ mail stores, independent of their geographic location. A security agent operating on the desktop ensures that the end user is the only one that can view his/her mail messages. In addition, the security agent enables the files to be downloaded to the desktop in a compressed format. The security agent then decompresses the messages at the desktop. This reduces demands on bandwidth and improves performance.