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Documentor Monitoring Ecora Documentor is an Internet-based documentation service for Microsoft Exchange Server administrators. The service is performed through the Web browser and doesn't require any software installation. When you log on to the site, the service remotely collects configuration data located in the Registry and Exchange Server directory and uses the data to generate documentation. The entire process completes in about 10 minutes. Online documentation is much easier for you to browse and search through when you want to look up information, identify changes in the environment, or troubleshoot problems. Documentor accesses data from a Windows NT 4.0 system, running at least one Exchange Server 5.5 server. The service is free.

Product Category Company
Network Documentor Monitoring Ecora
Disaster Recovery Know how your servers are installed, configured, and operating, in case of an emergency.
Migration Comprehensive documentation is the key to a successful migration.
High IT Turnover Preserve your company's IT knowledge because when IT people leave, their knowledge of the infrastructure leaves with them.
Standardized Configuration Eliminate variations and confusion introduced by individual approaches.
Troubleshooting Fix difficult and hard-to-trace problems quickly.