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EvA 2.0 Software Utilities EKLEKTiKA
EvA 2.0 is an add-on for Ms Exchange 5.5. It replicates databases like Access, dBase, SQL Server, Oracle, OLE DB, OLAP into the Exchange Directory - custom recipients and Distribution Lists - and shared Contact Folders.
With EvA 2.0, Outlook users finally have an ideal tool to synchronize e-mail addresses and fax numbers between their relational database and Exchange 5.5. Practical and reliable, EvA uses Ms libraries only: MDAC & ADSI. EvA 2.0 enables replications towards recipient containers in the Exchange Directory or shared contact in a Public Folder as well as the creation and maintenance of Distribution Lists.
EvA access datasources using ADO (OLE DB, SQL Server, Oracle, OLAP,...) or DAO (Access, FoxPro, dBase, ...).

Product Category Company
EvA Software Utilities EKLEKTiKA
EVA allows you to update the Ms-Exchange fax addresses from an MS Access relational database (or other sources using ODBC). EVA allows the setting and storing of different profiles. For instance EVA can use a different container for clients, suppliers, prospects, ... or a specific container for each department. Each profile may be updated separately, be it manually or automatically with the Windows NT Scheduler. The management of the Distribution List may be done within MS Access; EVA allows the import and update into Exchange.