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DeployMate Software Utilities Dynamic Technologies, Inc.
DeployMate for Microsoft Exchange is a standalone application that provides e-mail administrators the ability to create Microsoft Outlook/Exchange profiles via Windows NT login scripts. DeployMate is the only utility designed specifically for Microsoft Exchange that simplifies and automates deploying Exchange profiles across your network. DeployMate can be fully installed and administered from a single network server and configured to run via NT Login Scripts.

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Rover for Microsoft Exchange Software Utilities Dynamic Technologies, Inc.
Rover is an application that provides e-mail users with the ability to retrieve mail from any workstation with Microsoft Outlook or Exchange installed. The application is run by users who are away from their personal workstation (roaming) and need quick access to their e-mail.
  • System Integrity. The application keeps the workstation in the same state after the Rover 1.0 application is run. The application will modify the state of the workstation by adding profiles and modifying registry keys. These profiles are deleted and the registry keys must be placed back to their original values after the application is run.
  • Profile Creation. The application generates two profiles. The first profile is needed so that the application can display the address book. The second profile is needed to allow the user to get to his or her e-mail. This profile forces network authentication.
  • Launch Email. The application launches the e-mail application chosen via the "settings" push button and use the profile generated for the user.

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CompressMail Software Utilities Dynamic Technologies, Inc.
CompressMail Enterprise Edition for Microsoft Exchange is a modular client/server solution for automatically compressing and decompressing e-mail attachments for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. Within a Microsoft Exchange Organization, an e-mail file attachment is transparently and automatically compressed by simply clicking on the 'send' button.  An incoming e-mail file attachment is transparently and automatically decompressed simply by opening a message.  The file attachment remains compressed in both online or offline message stores.  Mail originating outside of the Microsoft Exchange Organization, ie. internet mail, will be compressed by a server component that monitors selected mailboxes before the message is sent to a client machine.