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SelectDL Software Utilities Discus Data Solutions, Inc.
SelectDL is a Web-based tool designed to enable Exchange Distribution Lists to function as news groups, delegating distribution lists' subscribe and unsubscribe functions to end-users without compromising security. End users can subscribe/unsubscribe to distribution lists and can request the creation of new lists. Additionally, SelectDL has the ability to allow list owners to make distribution lists public or private and/or allow them to modify distribution list properties and members.

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ExMS---Automate your Account Management Software Utilities Discus Data Solutions, Inc.
ExMS is a task driven, enterprise-oriented product family that automates day-to-day user account management by providing simple interfaces for common account administrative tasks. These customizable interfaces enable the enforcement and monitoring of well thought-out organizational procedures automatically, without the active involvement of administrative personnel. The key benefits of the product are that it helps lower costs by streamlining account administration; automates account provisioning, greatly reducing the time spent on manual tasks; and enforces enterprise standards by implementing company-specific logic to verify and enforce data accuracy and consistency.
ExMS is designed not only to meet your current needs, but also to grow with you as additional needs appear in the future. It supports Windows 2000, Active Directory, and Exchange 2000, as well as NT/Exchange 5.5 environments. By providing a common user interface among all those environments, ExMS simplifies the transition during updates and migrations. There's less adjustment, less need for re-training. The ExMS product suite consists of the following five modules:
  • Account Creator
  • Account Updator
  • Account Status Maanger
  • Directory Integrity Agent
  • Move Mailbox Manager

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ActiveDL Software Utilities Discus Data Solutions, Inc.
Active DL/Groups saves time and money by allowing Exchange and Windows 2000 administrators to easily automate the creation and maintenance of distribution lists/groups according to any rule-based criteria. Active DL/Groups allows you to easily maintain large, complex distributions lists and security groups, without having to manually add and remove members.