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InoculateIT Exchange Option Virus Protection Computer Associates
InoculateIT is Computer Associates product for complete virus control, including agents and managers for NT, Netware, Windows 95, Windows 98, Lotus Notes, Exchange and more!

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SurviveIT Monitoring Computer Associates
Computer Associates (CA) announced SurviveIT, software that helps server-based applications, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server, and Lotus Notes, continue to operate even when hardware failures or natural disasters occur. The software lets a second server (on a LAN or WAN) automatically take over the tasks of a failed server by mirroring the failed server's data to the secondary server. The secondary server automatically takes on the primary server's role. You don't need to reboot or provide a separate log on.

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FAXserve for Windows NT Fax Connectors Computer Associates
As a MAPI-compliant application, FAXserve for Windows NT integrates with e-mail clients such as Exchange, Outlook, GroupWise, and cc:Mail. Faxes may be sent and received as easily as e-mail messages, complete with multiple file and page attachments. E-mail users can utilize their existing e-mail interface and their existing address books with extended fax functionality, avoiding the need to learn a new interface or maintain a separate address book. Inbound and outbound faxes can be stored, accessed, and managed along with e-mail messages in users' mailboxes.

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BrightStor Enterprise Backup Agent Backup Computer Associates
BrightStor Enterprise Backup Agent provides backup and restore of critical Exchange data, down to the mailbox and message level, with storage resource management to provide centralized storage-related reporting, analysis, management and planning functions for Exchange servers.