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MAILbus 400 Connectivity Compaq
Digital and Microsoft recently announced that the Digital mail backbone will embrace Microsoft Exchange. MAILbus 400(TM) will provide connectivity to and tight interoperability with Microsoft Exchange, allowing organisations to connect Exchange seamlessly to corporate networks running ALL-IN-1(TM), MailWorks(TM), or any other systems connected to the MAILbus 400 backbone.

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Security Enhancements for Microsoft Exchange Security Compaq
Security Enhancements for Microsoft Exchange, abbreviated Exchange (SE), is a joint venture among Compaq, Microsoft, and CESG. The product, which was originally developed to meet the needs of high security organizations such as government entities, is an email enforcement system integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Exchange (SE) is easy to use and provides several core capabilities, such as Proof of Content Origin, Classification Labeling, and E-mail Policy Enforcement, Centralized Management, Level 2 CASM Compliance, and Cloud Cover PKI.

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NetWorker for Digital Alpha Backup Compaq
The Networker Exchange Module integrates on-line backup and recovery services for Exchange Server Directory and Information Store into NetWorker backup.

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Work Expeditor Document Management Compaq
Compaq Work Expeditor for Microsoft® Exchange is a document management and control extensions application for Microsoft Exchange. Expeditor enables a workgroup to collaborate on projects and automate business processes through the use of programmable business objects. Expeditor has components for document management, document-level security, audit trails, workflow, storage of all components of a project, and dynamic creation of workgroup-authorization based on a person's responsibilities within the scope of a particular project. The combination of Work Expeditor and Microsoft Exchange is the ideal solution for companies who have chosen Exchange for mail, and are looking for groupware, document management, and workflow capabilities.

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Compaq Approval Expeditor for Microsoft Exchange Workflow Compaq
An administrative workflow solution that allows the creation and automation of business processes across departments utilizing your existing Microsoft Exchange infrastructure.
  • Integrated with Microsoft Exchange
  • Easy-to-use Microsft Outlook user interface for connected and off-line users
  • Easy to install, deploy, and manage - critical data is maintained in Microsoft Exchange
  • Tracks progress, handles exceptions, and provides history for analyzing the efficiency of business processes
  • Archive, index, and retrieve business information using Compaq Enterprise Vault
  • Available for Intel and Alpha April, 1999

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Exchange 2000 Whitepapers Literature Compaq
Exchange 2000 is a major design change, not an upgrade. It provides for the most flexibility in designing the new environment, affords the opportunity for true domain redesign, and accommodates synchronization with other IT projects. When successfully deployed, an organization’s Exchange 2000 messaging environment represents a completely redesigned network for an integrated 21st century global company.
Because Exchange 2000 Server is tightly coupled with Windows 2000, Exchange features enhancements to messaging and collaboration platforms through integration with Active Directory and single-seat administration with the Microsoft Management Console, as well as an improved Outlook Web access client, a distributed architecture, and Web store collaboration.

There is more to moving to Exchange 2000 than upgrading a software platform. These papers were written to help you prepare for the exciting future of Exchange 2000.,1027,2472-6-100-225-1,00.htm

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OWA Whitepaper Outlook Web Access Compaq
Selecting the client software for Exchange has always been a challenge. Outlook Web Access (OWA) is a most attractive client for accessing Exchange since it requires virtually no deployment effort. Previous versions of OWA have carried a number of penalties, including lack of scalability, features and flexibility. This paper investigates the next generation of OWA, which is a standard component of Exchange 2000 Server.,1027,2472-6-100-225-1,00.htm