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DetachEx Software Utilities ComAxis Technology
DetachEx is a Windows 95 utility that will access your Exchange folders and "detach" any attachments. Attachments are copied to a specified directory, and optionally removed from the original message. DetachEx is useful if you receive numerous messages with attachments, and want to "clean up" your folders and save storage space without losing your message archive.

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PortEx Software Utilities ComAxis Technology
PortEx is a Windows 95 utility for extracting messages and attachments from Microsoft Exchange, and importing them into a variety of e-mail systems. PortEx currently supports Lotus cc:Mail and Lotus Notes as target systems, as well as HTML format for publishing your public folders on the Internet. When exporting to cc:Mail, you may elect to export directly to the cc:Mail database, or to an intermediate text file. This file is created in the format needed by cc:Mail's IMPORT utility, and is generic enough that it could be used for other systems, with some modification.

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MailVox Voice mail ComAxis Technology
If your company has installed MailVox, you can find out with a fast voice phone call whether or not you have any new messages. You can quickly scan through these messages (and old ones as well) to find out who they are from, how big the message is, and other information that will allow you to decide if you want to read the message immediately.