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QuarantineMail Monitoring Catray Inc.
QuarantineMail™ is a Microsoft Outlook™ add-in that automatically and safely detects and removes junk emails. Unlike spam filters, QuarantineMail™ doesn't require you to configure elaborate text filters. Aside from being inefficient, email filters require constant maintenance. We don't think that fighting spam should require more work on your part.
QuarantineMail™ uses no lists of known junk mailers, and it is not an email filter. QuarantineMail™'s patent-pending email handling process functions as an active email agent, which engages unknown email senders before allowing their emails to reach you. Is it effective? 99% of all junk mailers use bulk email software to send millions of emails at once. The same software allows them to fake their identity, or make it appear as if their email has somehow reached you by mistake. With QuarantineMail™, all those fake email addresses, "undisclosed" recipients, and similar tricks just won't do any good.