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CS2Outlook Software Utilities CS2Exchange Software
CompuServe users have long maintained their database of forum messages, email, and contact information in CompuServe's own proprietary, and sadly underpowered, client software. With CS2Outlook, you can export your information to the more powerful Outlook 98 Contact manager simply by dragging the selected articles there. CS2Outlook can import your CompuServe address book and automatically change the addresses to the standard Internet email address format. These features and its ease of use make CS2Outlook a must-have for all CompuServe users.

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CS2Exchange Software Utilities CS2Exchange Software
CS2Exchange helps you to transfer CompuServe email files to Microsoft Exchange, thus eliminating your need to use CompuServe software. For example, you can:
  • Transfer (drag-and-drop) the CompuServe message database to the Microsoft Exchange message database.
  • Transfer the CompuServe address book to the Microsoft Exchange address book.
  • Archive the CompuServe message database.
  • View the contents of a CompuServe message.

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CSMime for Microsoft Exchange Software Utilities CS2Exchange Software
CSMime is a simple add-in for Microsoft Exchange Client (Windows Messaging) that hides the MIME header on Internet messages. The information in an Internet header is rarely used by anyone and can be safely hidden.
CSMime also fixes a problem the CompuServe CSMail transport is having with attachments.  This problem stems from the updated CompuServe mail system known as NEWMAIL.  NEWMAIL is responsible for automatically converting attachments when communicating with an Internet user.