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bv-Control IntelliPACS Monitoring BindView
Continuous availability of business and mission-critical hardware and software systems has become a requirement for many companies. A challenge that administrators face is how to effectively ensure high availability and performance of Windows® NT® operating systems and Microsoft® BackOffice® applications. Identifying the problems that cause system downtime or degrading response times can often be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Once a problem is identified, it will take even longer until it is corrected and the system is performing at expected levels.

bv-Control IntelliPACS products are the best way to ensure high availability and performance of Windows NT servers and workstations. bv-Control IntelliPACS products will track the health and efficiency of critical operating systems and Microsoft BackOffice application functions, and automatically alert administrators before users experience problems.

bv-Control IntelliPACS products are designed exclusively for the Windows NT environment, and use Microsoft ActiveX™ scripting technology and the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) for a familiar user interface.

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bv-Control for Microsoft Exchange Monitoring BindView
bv-Control for Microsoft Exchange is an IT risk management solution that effectively pinpoints and identifies risks to the health and integrity of Microsoft Exchange environments. It delivers comprehensive configuration, security, administrative and availability management for Microsoft Exchange through a central Microsoft®Management Console without deploying technology on every machine.

bv-Control for Microsoft Exchange ensures high availability and performance of Microsoft Exchange environments. Constantly monitoring the health and efficiency of the Microsoft Exchange environment,bv-Control for Microsoft Exchange issues alerts to administrators before users experience system downtime and performance issues. Service levels are maintained by allowing administrators to effectively pinpoint and proactively correct problems from a central console.