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Topper Software Utilities Bear Mountain Software
TOPPER (version 4) provides Messaging, Server, and IP Management capabilities for networks ranging in size from a few servers to several hundred. In one integrated product, TOPPER allows companies a single solution which effectively and economically manages each of the aforementioned components within their network. Crucial information identifying potential/current trouble spots can immediately be communicated to selected network personnel via TOPPER's GUI, customizable web pages, email notifications, paging or SNMP traps so that action can be taken before impacting business. TOPPER provides services in four different categories:
  • TOPPER for NT Management includes monitoring of NT servers and their supporting processes, services and performance indicators.
  • TOPPER for Exchange Management includes all aspect of TOPPER for NT Management and additional capabilities such as monitoring of MTA processes, work queues, connectors and basic message probing.
  • TOPPER for Mail Probing provides proactive testing of email by timing the roundtrip delivery of messages. It allows monitoring of Exchange, Lotus Notes and IP-based email systems and also provides for monitoring of heterogeneous environments.
  • TOPPER for IP Management permits testing of IP-based services. These tests include IP pings, IP mail port testing, DNS entry verification and timing HTTP and FTP downloads.