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MailSecure Plug-in for Exchange Security Baltimore Technologies
E-Mail is being used more and more by organisations to send confidential and sensitive files and data. The Internet offers a world-wide network to allow communication with virtually every business in the world, but offers no security. E-Mail messages can be read, altered or deleted without the sender's or receiver's knowledge. This issue has restricted the usage of e-mail in electronic commerce.
MailSecure, from Baltimore Technologies, is an easy to use program which enhances existing e-mail packages to provide full strength encryption of messages and file attachments. MailSecure is S/MIME compatible which means that it can send and receive encrypted and signed messages from a wide range of products available worldwide. Furthermore, since MailSecure is developed outside the USA, it has exportable full-strength encryption facilities.

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MAILsweeper for Exchange Virus Protection Baltimore Technologies
MAILsweeper for Exchange provides policy-based content security for e-mail in Microsoft Exchange environments. It monitors and enforces corporate e-mail policy, detecting and filtering the following threats: spam, profanity, malicious code, confidential information leakage, and decreased employee productivity.