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Profile Maker 2000 Software Utilities Automated Profile Management, LLC
Full GUI support for central control of hundreds of Exchange & Outlook 97/98/2000 client configuration options. Use Profile Maker 2000 to configure Outlook for Banyan, cc:Mail, OpenMail, Microsoft Mail, or Internet E-Mail first, and then change configurations to Exchange when you migrate servers! Make changes to the Exchange Server service, install the SAP MAPI service, and more, all without otherwise changing your users' profiles. Offer your users Walk-Up Profiles(TM) across your WAN for full Outlook client access from anywhere on your network. Profile Maker 2000 resolves username, alias, or mailbox name against address books in the order you choose for fast email access!
Configures the following MAPI Services: Microsoft Exchange Server, Personal Folders, Personal Address Book, Microsoft Mail, Internet E-Mail, HP OpenMail (with server store), HP OpenMail (without server store), SAP MAPI Service Provider, Microsoft LDAP Directory, Internet Folders, Faxware Global Address Book, Digital Office Server, Outlook 97/98/2000, Exchange client, Microsoft Fax 95, Exchange Remote, Schedule Plus, Lotus cc:Mail, Transend cc:Mail, Banyan STDA Address Book, and Banyan IM Transport. Configures Netscape, News, POP3, IMAP, and LDAP.

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Profile Maker 2.71 for MS Exchange Software Utilities Automated Profile Management, LLC
Profile Maker is a tool for centrally managing the configuration of user profiles for the migration, rollout, and administration of messaging systems, including Exchange. The easy to use installer, GUI, and documentation support key features such as Profile Update, Walk-Up Profiles (an OWA alternative), and more. Profile Update Mode allows changes to messaging services without otherwise impacting the user profile, making many migration-related changes invisible to end-users. Walk-Up Profiles allows use of the full Outlook client for users on generic login accounts or from the accounts of other users. This facilitates email use where browser-based email or logging on to the OS are not acceptable alternatives.
Profile Maker supports Windows95/98, NT 3.51/4.0, NetWare, WinFrame, Terminal Server, MetaFrame, Wincenter and will support Windows 2000 and Office 2000 when released. Profile Maker configures most email clients including Outlook 97/98/2000 for Exchange, OpenMail! The Profile Maker 2.7 release has added Table Lookup capability - necessary in situations where such items as usernames, fullnames, and mailboxes are not logically related. Exchange additional mailbox configuration now completes the full range of Exchange Server configuration items. Also new is complete address list addition, deletion and ordering functionality.