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Outlook Extensions Outlook Andrejs Mednis
OlGetM - Outlook Get/Send Messages Extension:
Version 1.2c - multithreaded now for polling, sending, & retrieving e-mail. This extension adds either 1 or 2 buttons to your main Outlook toolbar to send/retrieve your mail.

OlRmnd - Outlook Reminders:
View reminders from tasks and calendar while Outlook is not running. This utility takes little ram to run in and will notify you of reminders that you have set in Outlook without having Exchange running. On my systems there is an average savings of 10% in system resources.

OlCat - Outlook Categories Common Usage:
It allows a system admin to keep current and common categories for Outlook the same for everyone using OL in the system. The user is able to do a live refresh without shutting Outlook down. The user is also able to revert back to the original categories at the touch of a button. The admin has the option of either merging the new categories in with existing or replacing with the common standard.