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Picture Lightbox Web Part

The "Picture Lightbox" Web Part displays the content from the specified Sharepoint Picture Library as a thumbnail array. A popup preview of each picture or video can be shown by clicking on the corresponding thumbnail image.
Sharepoint 2019 Picture Lightbox Web Part

Web Part Configuration:

enter the optional web part title

Web Part:

enter the below configuration options:

site=SiteUrl (optionally enter a site URL)
list=Pictures (enter the name of the Sharepoint picture library)
view=SomeView (optionally enter the name of the list view)
columns=2 (max. number of columns)
rows=2 (max. number of rows)
scaling=cover|contain|thumbnail (tile scaling method)
tilewidth=150 (image tile width in px)
tileheight=150 (image tile height in px)
tilegap=5 (gap between tiles in px)
paging=1 (enable paging)

Web Part Configuration
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8/31/2023 10:50 
How can I enable paging in modern Lightbox?
8/31/2023 12:30 
please add


to the "Configuration" setting.
Please also re-download the web part and then update the farm solution.