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Staff Directory Web Part

The Staff Directory Web Part reads the user entries from the SharePoint User Profile Store and displays the results in a list with optional filtering, sorting and grouping. 
Sharepoint 2019 Modern Staff Directory Web Part

Web Part Configuration:

enter the optional web part title

Web Part:

enter the below configuration options:

template (enter the user profile properties to be displyed)
searchfilter=LastName (optionally enter your search filters)
pagesize=7 (enter the desired page size)
filter (optionally enter your property filter expression)
azcolumn=LastName (optionally enter the AZ Index column)
sortby=LastName (enter the sort column)
mysite (optionally enter your "My Site" URL)
mysitelink (optionally link a column to the user's "My Site")
cache=120 (optionally enter the cache duration in minutes)
print=1 (enable the "Print" button)
export=1 (enable the "Export" button)
groupfilter=Group names (enable the Group filter)
localization=Search;View All;etc. (enter the localized strings)
alternaterowcolor=#eee (define the alternate row color)

Web Part Configuration
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