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Document Rollup Web Part

The Document Rollup Web Part displays the most recent documents in each Document Library within the Sharepoint Site collection and thus gives much better visibility to new documents published anywhere within the current site collection.
Sharepoint 2019 Modern Document Rollup Web Part

Web Part Configuration:

enter the optional web part title

Web Part:

enter the below configuration options:

count=5 (number of recent documents displayed)
bgc=white (optionally defines the web part background color)
filter=white (optionally enter a property filter expression)
showauthor=0 (do not display the document author)
showsitename=1 (display the site name)
showlistname=1 (display the library name)
showfileicon=1 (display the file type icons)
showdate=1 (display the file date)
showdescription=1 (display the file descripton)
showfilesize=1 (display the file size)
showfolders=1 (display the library folders)
subsitesonly=1 (roll up libraries in the current site and its subsites)
groupbysite=1 (enable grouping by site)
tablelayout=1 (enable the table layout)
searchfilter=filter fields (display the interactive search filter)
itemspersite=5 (define the number of files displayed per site)
itemsperlibrary=5 (define the number of files per library)
pagesize=5 (enable paging)
site=URL of site collection (roll up the specified subsite)
includesites=URL of sites to be rolled up
exclude=URL of libraries to be excluded
site=URL of site collection (roll up the specified subsite)
pictures=Author (define the picture to be displayed)
header=some text (define the web part header)
footer=some text (define the web part footer)
cache=60 (enter the desired cache duration in minutes)
options=additional options

Web Part Configuration
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3/18/2022 10:17 

It's possible to have all keywords (configuration options) to configure this WebPart please ?

3/21/2022 16:41 
we have now added the missing web part settings, so please re-download the Document Rollup web part and then update the farm solution.