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Team Members Web Part

The Team Members Web Part reads the selected user entries from the Sharepoint Server User Profile Store and displays the selected user fields in a grid.
Sharepoint 2019 Modern Team Members Web Part

Web Part Configuration:

enter the optional web part title

Web Part:

enter the below configuration options:

group=Home Members (defines the SP or AD group)
bgc=white (optionally defines the web part background color)
color=black (override the default text color)
cache=120 (optionally enter the cache duration in minutes)
aepresence=0 (disable the user presence indicators)
search=1 (display the interactive search filter)
nbrcolumns=1 (enter the number of columns ("0" = responsive)
filter=filter expression (filter the users by a filter expression)
template=HTML template (define your own layout)
sortby=someUserProperty (sort the items by the specified property)

Web Part Configuration
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10/26/2021 14:02 
We have sharepoint 2019 modern UI? How can I set die nummer of columns, please?
10/26/2021 14:48 
please re-download the web part from /apps/page.asp?Q=5819  and then update the solution.

You now can enter the number of columns via the „Configuration“ web part setting as eg.:


Entering „0“ results in a responsive layout.
Eric Gonzalez  
9/19/2023 21:40 
why do i keep seeing this? Web Part 'AEXTeamMembers' not found!
at /_catalogs/wp/Forms/AllItems.aspx
Eric Gonzalez  
9/19/2023 21:41 
Some webparts work and some dont im using SP2019
9/20/2023 11:59 
please note that you also will need to install the farm solution, eg. the “Team Members” web part will need to be installed in your farm even if it’s only being used on SP 2019 “modern” pages.