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Weather Web Part

The Weather Web Part displays the current weather plus a forecast for the upcoming days as provided by the MSN Weather RSS feed.
Sharepoint 2019 Modern Weather Forecast Web Part

Web Part Configuration:

enter the optional web part title

Web Part:

enter the below configuration options:

location=USCA0987 (defines the weather location code)
To find your location ID, browse or search for your city using the Location ID Lookup tool.

days=3 (number of forecast days)
layout=Metro (choose the web part layout)
celsius=1 (use Celsius as opposed to Fahrenheit)
header=0 (suppress location header)
conditions=1 (show weather conditions)
details=3 (show weather details)
headercss=background-color:red (add your custom CSS style)
currentcss=background-color:#eee (add your custom CSS style)
forecastcss=background-color:red (add your custom CSS style)
metrocss=background-color:blue (add your custom CSS style)
options=your options (add one or more options) 

Web Part Configuration
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User Comments Post a Comment 

7/20/2020 20:01 
Is there a list of configuration entries that are allowed? How does one specify values for all of the web part properties for CSS values, layout (ie. vertical vs horizontal), etc.?
7/21/2020 14:55 
we have now added more configuration parameters (as listed above) to the „modern” SP 2019 Weather web part.
Please re-download the updated version and then update the web part soluition.
Mark Jordan  
7/21/2020 16:54 
Is it possible to also have ability to pass the Options value as well?
7/21/2020 17:06 
we have now also added the ability to pass the „Options” setting .
Please re-download the updated version and then update the web part soluition.
11/30/2022 20:55 
I have this issue: Error accessing the MSN weather service:The remote name could not be resolved: 'weather.service.msn.com'" could you please help me
12/1/2022 11:53 
is your Sharepoint web frontend server able to access the internet and thus access http://weather.service.msn.com ?