2.1 Text Tile

The "Text" tile is the default tile type and lets you create tiles consisting of:

Text only:

You can enter plain text and also include HTML tags as needed.
The second tile to the right illustrates the available default font sizes and uses the below setting:

Content:<h1>Welcome to our Project Homepage</h1><h2>Welcome to our Project Homepage</h2><h3>Welcome to our Project Homepage</h3>This is regular body text
Text Tile containing static text Text Tile using HTML formatting tags

Text linked to a target page, a document or a picture:

The first tile to the right is linked to a SharePoint document library and thus automatically displays the corresponding icon.
Embed the "[count]" placeholder in the "Content" setting to display the number of items in the tile.
Embed the "[updated]" placeholder to display the "last updated" date.
The 5th tile links to the picture entered into the "URL" setting and typically opens it in a dialog window.
This example uses the below settings:

Title:HR DocumentsURL:http://somedomain/Shared%20Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx
Tile linking to a document library Tile linking to a document Tile linking to a calendar
TIle linking to a calendar Tile linking to an image

Text with a background image:

This example uses the below settings:

Content:<h1 style="text-align:center">Book your PTO</h1>Background:http://somedomain/Pictures/Island.jpg/cover
Text Tile using a background image


This example uses the below settings:

Content:<p style="text-align:center"><img src="{photo}" style="border-radius:50%" /><br>Good {timeofday}, {firstname}<br/>Welcome back!</p>Supported placeholders:{username}{date:format}{timeofday}{firstname}{lastname}{photo}[sitelogo][title]{Dilbert}
Tile displaying a welcome message to the current user
Tile displaying the current Daily Dilbert comic strip

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