2.6 Image

The "Image" tile displays the image assigned to the tile's "Background" setting.
It reveals the tile "Title" and tile "Content" when hovering over the tile similar to the SharePoint Promoted Links.
The tile can optionally be linked via the tile's "URL" setting.


This example displays an image from the"Pictures" Sharepoint picture library.
The tile also displays the tile "Title" and "Content" (if present).

Title:IT Document Library
Content:Cras mauris purus, tincidunt quis facilisis dapibus, cursus eu risus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Background:http://somedomain/Pictures/somePicture.jpgThe tile supports 3 options on how to render the image within the tile.
The option is appended to the tile's "Background" URL.

the image is scaled to fill the tile

the image is scaled to be fully visible

the image is not scaled but centered

Example for Background setting:http://somedomain/Pictures/somePicture.jpg/cover