2.12 Google Map Tile

The "Google Map" tile displays the map of the specified street address (as entered into the "Content" setting).


Embed the map in a tile.

Content:Rohrerstrasse 100, 5000 AarauYou can specify a zoom factor (between 1 and 19) by appending "/zoom=x" to the Content:

Content:Rohrerstrasse 100, 5000 Aarau/zoom=8
Google Map Tile displaying the map specified by a street address


Open the map in a dialog window.

Content:See our location<p style="margin-top:60px;text-align:center;font-size:28pt">[fa-map-marker]</p>/address=Rohrerstrasse 100, 5000 Aarau/zoom=12
Google Map Tile linking to a Google Map

Please note that you will need a Google Maps API key if you use a Tiles web part version prior to V1.0.59 (Version starting wit 1.0.59 do not require the API key anymore).
You can get the API key via:

Please then add your key to the web part’s “Options” setting as illustrated below:

You also can append the key directly to the “Content” field of the “Google Map” tile as eg:
Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles/key=AIzaSyDrN1j6oizXP6fBAiXMA2V1HePUnf4dc2Y

You also can deploy the key “globally” via the below “appSetting” placed in your Sharepoint web application’s web.config file :
<add key="AE_GoogleMapsKey" value="AIzaSyDrN1j6oizXP6fBAiXMA2V1HePUnf4dc2Y" />

Please enter a comment below if you want to give feedback or have suggestions for improvements:

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