2.7 Random Image Tile

The "Random Image" tile displays a random image selected from the Sharepoint Picture Library specified in the "URL" setting.
The image can optionally be linked when adding a column named "URL" to the picture library.
If no URL is given (or if no "URL" column is defined), the image will open in its original size when clicking on the tile.
If the image's "Description" field is not empty, the text will be displayed as an overlay when hovering over the tile.


This example displays a randomly selected image from
the"Pictures" Sharepoint picture library.
Also, the "/daily" parameter is added to the "Content" setting to display an new picture every day (as opposed to a new picture on each page request). The tile also displays the image "Title" and the image "Description" (if present).

Random Image Tile displaying a random image

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