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Panda Antivirus for Exchange 2000 (VSAPI 2.0)

Panda Software

Panda Antivirus for Microsoft Exchange 2000 is designed to protect all possible virus entry points into the corporate Exchange platform. PAV for Exchange 2000 protects inbound and outbound e-mail traffic via its real-time and on-demand scans of Private and Public Folders as well as the Message Transfer Agent (MTA) Connectors.
By using a combination of Panda's advanced memory optimization scanning technology, called VirtualFile, and a complete integration with Microsoft's new Virus Scanning API (VSAPI 2.0), Panda Antivirus for Exchange 2000 guarantees the best high-performance scanning of all e-mail messages, attachments, body content (HTML, RTF, RTFHTML, OLE objects, etc.) and nested messages and compressed files at all levels, even under extremely heavy server loads.

Some of its basic features include:

Requirements: Microsoft Exchange 2000 Service Pack 1
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