Category: Security

Boldon James is the latest product from the military systems development unit of Boldon James and supports the most recent STANAG 4406 V3 specifications as well as support for S/MIME Signatures and Encryption. Defence organisations are realizing the significant cost associated with specialist solutions and proprietary systems developed to meet their requirements. As a result the demand for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products is increasing as buyers calculate the price differentials between bespoke and COTS software. However most COTS solutions, available to the corporate market, do not comply with the rarefied standards required for high grade military messaging. For example, commercial messaging clients cannot support precedence, security labels, SIC Codes, nor can they support transmission standards such as STANAG 4406. Boldon James COTS Solution is an advanced military messaging client based upon Microsoft Outlook. offers users a full range of configurable services across a variety of standards from the COTS Internet S/MIME capability right through to GOSIP X.400 with STANAG 4406. also supports the PCT V3 variant of the NATO STANAG 4406 standard hence meeting NATO MMHS systems requirements.


Boldon James